Who We are

Here is where you can read all about who we are at Christ Church! Learn about what we believe, how we worship the Lord our God, and how we live the good and proper Christian life we are called to live.

How We Worship

The most powerful thing the church does is worship. Every single week, on the Lord's Day, God himself graciously gathers his people together renewing his covenant with them and serving them. Yes, we are gathered to be served by God! When God serves his people in this way, he leads them, through the voice of his Word:

  • God Calls us into his presence and we respond with praise and with confession of our sin.
  • God Cleanses us of our sins, and we respond with thanksgiving. 
  • God Consecrates us by the instruction of his Word, and we respond by giving ourselves to him. 
  • God Communes with us when he invites us to his table to enjoy a fellowship meal, the Eucharist, with him. 
  • God Commissions us after we have been renewed, refreshed, and strengthened we receive a blessing to enjoy his rest for the remainder of the Lord's Day. We are to confidently enter into our various vocations during the rest of the week as holy callings from God, serving the world in his name. 

How We Live

There is a sense of loss and isolation in the Western Evangelical Church today. This isolation is particularly acute in urbanized Southern California. Christ Church is seeking to restore a sense of community by creating a genuine "parish" church in Santa Clarita. We long to see God create a church that worships together, plays together, and prays together. We strive to be a neighborhood church that seeks to see the Kingdom of God expanded in our local community.

To this end we: